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Grammer is a Comic Aficionado with His Favorite Superhero Close to Home

Internet marketing guru, Kotton Grammer, is widely renowned for his impressive success with his internet advertising and media firm, Kotton Grammer Media, which was incepted less than five years ago. Functioning these days as a multi-million-dollar enterprise, the firm offers services that feature various innovative internet marketing solutions that have achieved success in areas other pioneers in the industry have failed. Specializing in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Grammer’s highly-skilled team of specialists within his firm consists of coders, social media mavens, SEO strategists, visual designers, and conversion optimizers.

However, as well known as the internet entrepreneur may be in his career accomplishments, not many people know much about the man beyond the digital screens. While leaders in their niches – especially those that have managed to achieve such a high degree of success in a few short years – may at times appear superhuman, some rather enjoy reading about them. While the SEO guru works tirelessly day in and day out to provide clients with online marketing solutions that exceed client expectations, Kotton Grammer is also particularly fond of comics. Possessing a collection of over 30,000 comic books that have an estimated value of $200k, the firm leader is not ashamed to admit he has a varied taste in what he enjoys doing in his downtime.

Favorites within his collection, for instance, include early editions of classics like Superman, Batman, Spiderman, and X-Men. As enthralling as the details of his own achievements are in owning his own highly-profitable marketing firm, Grammer appreciates the adventure and tenacity that infiltrate the pages of comics about some of the most courageous superheroes.

However, when it comes to his favorite superhero, Grammer shares that the one he appreciates the most is closer to home – and not stuck between pages of fiction. Rather, Grammer has expressed in most profound terms that his biggest hero is his father. Although the superheroes many have come to know and love both in print and onscreen hold their own particular appeal, Grammer asserts his perpetual appreciation for not only his father but other important people in his life as well. While the comic aficionado respects many typical attributes of superheroes, he has also recognized that those same attributes can be found, and perhaps be regarded as even more admirable, in the people around him as well.

Although there is inspirational quality to be found in a story such as Grammer’s, who managed to grow a start-up business into what is now one of the world’s leading internet marketing solutions firms, what may further accentuate his impressive standing is his openness about who he is external to his industry leader renown. This may, in fact, coincide with one of the priorities his firm continues to assert in the attention they pay to ensure every client has their service expectations met. There is a transparency Grammer endeavours to offer his clients in his services that have – in addition to the innovative methods he uses – ranked him even higher in internet entrepreneurship fame.

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